Septic 200 Magnelis, Pump- Out Station FIP 120 V

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Septic 200 Magnelis, Pump- Out Station FIP 120V PN 11-01-004 Pump-out station for permanent installation in harbors, marinas, or where discharging of holding tanks by pumping out is needed. For further transport to municipal sewerage system or storage/ large holding tank. Capacity: 150 l/min. (40 GPM) empties the boat sewage tank in maximum 40 seconds. Complete discharge pump of Self-priming Flexible Impeller type, developed by Albinex for discharging holding tanks. Integrated vacuum switch for automatic switch off of pump when the holding tank of the vessel is empty. Integrated electrical connected control box with wiring to control panel, pump and vacuum switch. Protective housing of sheet metal Magnelis for extreme corrosion resistance. Complete 7m (23ft) suction hose, with hose connection ports, Motor 1-fase, 120V, 2,2kW, 60Hz Marinarmatur Cleanport PN 5009 US