BL30CM 12V

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BL30CM-12V DC driven Circulation Pumps with Brushless Motor 12 / 24V

Circulation pump for circulation of water/antifreeze in heating or cooling systems on boats, buses, motor homes and commercial vehicles.

BL30CM-12V port Size 20 mm (3/4″) Capacity: at 0.1 bar 32 l/min, at 0.25 bar 28 l/min Max. load 4.5A. Max Power consumption 55W

Small size with high efficiency, maintenance-free, Ceramic Shaft and Carbon fiber sleeve, Completely water proof (IP68), Brushless DC control, long service life.

Ports Size Dia 20mm (3/4″)

Weight 0.48 kg

Motor Brushless magnetic isolated design

For Continuous Duty

Life span 20 000 hours

Materials of pump housing ABS, PES/SPS/PA66

Motor IP Classification IP 68

Noise class 35dB

Max. Liquid Temp. Continuous Duty + 80°C, Intermittent + 100°C.